About US

Ayalon Highways is a government corporation and leaders in the execution of large scale and large budget transportation projects in the urban and metropolitan space, the essence of which is to create a distinct preference for public transport and reduce the use of private vehicles.

Our Mission

To initiate, plan, execute, maintain, and manage transportation infrastructures and advanced solutions to facilitate effective use of the roadways in Israel’s urban and metropolitan space.

Solutions for the Problems of Tomorrow
Advance Transportation Technologies

Company roles

Initiate, Plan, Construction, Maintenance and Manage Transportation Infrastructures in the Urban and Metropolitan Space in Israel

Operate and Manage a Master Plan Development Team for metropolitan transportation, including the fields of transportation, while engaging in the advancement of long-term planning and generating programs for immediate execution

Promote Smart Transportation through managing, initiating, and developing
Innovative Technological Solutions and their integration into the infrastructures
throughout the country, including their adaptation to developments in the transportation and vehicle market

Promote Public Transportation while emphasizing demand management,
transport system links and sustainable transport solutions in the urban and metropolitan space

Traffic Management and its regulation in the urban and metropolitan space

Constitute the Operational Arm of the Transport Ministry for initiating and executing activity for promoting transportation in Israel


Since its establishment in 1968, Ayalon Highways has accumulated extensive engineering and management experience in wide-scale, complex metropolitan and urban projects, and today is one of the leading companies in planning and executing projects in the field of infrastructure and transportation in the State of Israel.

  • 1968

    Establishment of the Ayalon Highways Co. Ltd

  • 1976

    Opening of Hashalom Bridge

  • 1978

    Connecting the Kibbutz Galuyot Bridge with Route 1

  • 1981

    Opening of a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) lane on Derech Petah Tikva

  • 1982

    Opening of the northern route, Hahalacha Bridge to Hashalom

  • 1985

    Opening the highway to Jerusalem

  • 1988

    Opening of the Hahalacha Bridge

  • 1989

    Addition of a third lane on the Ayalon Highway

  • 1990

    Opening the southbound Glilot-Rokach segment

  • 1991

    Opening the northbound Glilot-Rokach segment

  • 1992

    Opening the Glilot Bridge

  • 1993

    Opening of the Holon Interchange at the Wolfson Junction

  • 1994

    Opening of Derech Moshe Dayan, Rothschild Bridge, and the Route 4 Overpass

  • 1995

    Opening of Ayalon South at the Glilot-Halacha segment

  • 2003

    Opening of the Wolfson Interchange