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Transforming Transportation

Imagine a world where you’re standing at a smart bus stop, waiting for public transport that goes along a preferential lane. The bus arrives exactly on time and takes you straight to work in Central Israel, with enough time to spare that you can grab a coffee before your morning meeting. Meanwhile, your colleague decided to travel in a different way: she left her car in a huge park ‘n’ ride lot and took a fast shuttle, which can travel in designated express lanes, directly to the office. 

Imagine that you don’t need four wheels at all, because it’s so easy to get anywhere you need to go on two. You can move around the entire Dan Region by bicycle, following a continuous network of long-distance bike paths that enable safe, accessible travel. Plus your entire daily routine is intertwined with advanced transportation technology, like traffic management and synchronized traffic lights, to help make everyone’s lives easier. 

Nice to meet you! 

We’re Ayalon Highways and this is our mission. 

We are a government company acting on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Transport, and our job is to make this dream a reality. How are we doing this? By creating a full spectrum of transport solutions that present real alternatives to sitting around in traffic jams in your own private car, helping you get anywhere, quickly and conveniently, in any way you choose. 

Public Transport

Green Transport

Traffic Management

Technology & Innovation

Shared Mobility

Maintenance & Infrastructure

The Company’s Roles


Since it was founded in 1968, Ayalon Highways has amassed extensive engineering and management experience encompassing many complex and large-scale urban projects. Today it is one of Israel’s leading project planning and construction companies in the field of infrastructure and transportation.


Ayalon Highways is established


HaShalom Bridge opens in Tel Aviv


Kibbutz Galuyot Bridge is connected to Highway 1


A bus lane is launched in Petah Tikva


The northern HaHalacha Bridge to HaShalom Bridge highway section is opened


Bridge connection with the Jerusalem Highway opens


New HaHalacha Bridge opens


Rokach Bridge opens


Ayalon Highway section opens from Glilot to Rokach, north to south


Ayalon Highway section opens from Rokach to Glilot, south to north, by the sea


Glilot Bridge opens


Holon Interchange / Wolfson Junction open


Moshe Dayan Road, Rothschild Bridge, and a bridge over Highway 4 open


The Glilot – HaHalacha section of the Ayalon South opens


Wolfson Interchange opens


First public transport lanes launched on the Ayalon South & North


Fast lanes project to be launched in full