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Our research complexes form the infrastructure for developing tomorrow’s transportation

We enable academic researchers, auto-tech companies, and government companies to conduct experiments in our complexes and develop various transport-related technologies: testing transport platforms, self-driving vehicles, sensors for the smart transport industry, and more innovative technologies that will soon change the face of transportation in Israel.

Access to experimental zones for activities

Making advanced technologies available for research

Support for experimental technologies

Research Sites

Our Sites Nationwide [North to South]

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Operators on the site

The center is at your disposal with the help of one of the operators approved for activity on the site.

General Motors

Shaked Magal

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Idan Zur

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Blue White Robotics

Roi Cohen

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Libko Automotive Testing & Homologation

Boaz Colender

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Entrepreneurs, developers, engineers in the field of autotech, the National Research Center for Smart Transportation invites you to try your technologies in the largest testing ground in Israel.
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