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General Information:

A research site located in the parking lot of the Armored Corps Memorial in Latrun. The complex has basic infrastructure based on the usage of the complex by an alternative driving school, such as restrooms and power outlets, but does not have Wi-Fi (it is possible to use a cellular dongle). Food and drink is available at a Pundak Asa restaurant.



Exit from Highway 3 at the Hativa Sheva Intersection. Continue towards the Armored Corps Memorial. Enter the site after the main Armored Corps Memorial parking lot.

מצפןSite Attributes:

Coordinates – 31.838450, 34.978000

A parking lot in good, usable condition that is used for daily activities at the Armored Corps Memorial and by an alternative driving school located nearby.

Boundaries: The research site is the parking lot only.

Entrances & Exits: Four main entrances that can be closed with barriers.

Dimensions: Approx. 215 x 25 m. The parking lot is mostly straight but has a southwards bend after 120 meters.

The bend is not sharp and does not require a significant reduction in speed.

מצפןCoordination & Administration:

Notification required – one week in advance.