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Request for Information (RFI) Public Maritime Shuttles in Israel

Published on 01/07/2024
Final Application Date

Request for Information (RFI)

Public Maritime Shuttles in Israel

1.   Ayalon Highways Ltd. is hereby issuing a Request for Information (RFI) regarding Public Maritime Shuttles in Israel.

2. A set of the RFI Documents may be downloaded from under the tab "Tenders and Contracts" on the home page or in the e-tender website at

3.  The Response to the request, and all its appendices, containing all of the documents and references the Respondent is required to attach, will be submitted through the Dekel Tender System as detailed above. The Deadline for Submission is on August 15, 2024, no later than 15:00 (Israel local time), the Dekel Tender System will be locked, and proposals will no longer be accepted for submission.

4.  Insofar as the Respondents believe that the RFI Documents contain contradictions or ambiguities, the Respondent may appeal in writing up no later then July 18, 2024, at 15:00 (Israel local time), via the designated tab in the Dekel Tender System, while providing identification and contact information for the purpose of detailing the clarifications, contradictions, errors, discrepancies or any doubts which may be found in relation to the precise meaning of each section or any detail whatsoever of the Tender Documents.

5. This request is not an invitation to bid and it is not part of a tender process and / or any competitive procedure and therefore does not create any obligation towards any of the respondents therewith. The request is intended for receipt of information only, in accordance with what is stated therewith. Following the receipt of the information, the Company will consider its follow-up actions regarding the request, if any.


Orly Stern