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A Request for Applicants (RFA) to Join the Ayalon Highways Co. Ltd. Suppliers' Repository

תאריך פרסום המכרז 30.12.2020
תאריך אחרון להגשת מועמדות

A Request forApplicants(RFA) to Join the Ayalon Highways Co. Ltd.Suppliers' Repository to Provide Advanced Technological Solutions in the Field of Transportation

Ayalon Highways (see below: "The Company") is a government company charged with promoting the planning and execution of transportation projects and serves as the Ministry of Transport's operational arm.

The Company's mission is to engage in, among other things, initiating planning, promoting, managing, and execution of transportation projects while utilizing innovative technologies in road infrastructures, installations, and vehicles, all for improving the traffic network in Israel.

As part of the mentioned above, the Company, through its Technologies Division, is interested in promoting and exercising innovative and advanced technological solutions, the application of which may well contribute to the road's users and even the technological capabilities of the State of Israel, placing it at the forefront of transportation-related knowledge.

For the promotion of its stated objectives, the Company is inviting qualified applicants to be accepted into a list of bidders (a repository) comprised of Service Providers and Suppliers' of Advanced Technologies in the Field of Transportation (see below: "Suppliers' Repository"), and invites proposals from companies, partnerships, and individuals for acceptance into the Suppliers' Repository, under the technological fields that the Company is seeking to examine.

The Company intends to advertise gradually, and from time to time, public RFPs to be accepted into the Company's Suppliers' Repository for Technological Solutions for various transportation fields.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the fields mentioned above do not constitute a closed listing. The Company is entitled to subtract and/or add areas from the Suppliers' Repository as per its needs and areas of activity, as per its sole discretion

As part of the invitations that the Company will publish for acceptance into its Suppliers' Repository in the various fields as stated, a compilation of detailed threshold specifications for joining the relevant field in the repository will be published, including the various criteria for the proposals' review.

After assembly of the Suppliers' Repository in the relevant technological field, the Company will be entitled to turn to Suppliers' listed in the repository, from time to time and as per its needs, to receive proposals to provide services and/or implement and assimilate technological solutions.

The RFP Documents may be downloaded from the Company's website at under the tab "Tenders and Contracts" on the home page. The documents contain a detailed description of the RFP and its conditions. In any case of a contradiction between the wording in this announcement, and the wording of the RFP, the wording of the latter will prevail.

Questions in connection to this RFP are to be referred to the Company’s representative in writing, to the following email: , while providing details concerning the applicant’s identity and contact details, including a return email address.

Submission of the RFP shall be via the following email, in any time:

The Company reserves the right to amend or cancel the procedure, for any reason whatsoever, on any date, including after the proposals' submission deadline, and all in accordance with the laws and regulation of the State of Israel.

The Company reserves the right, at is sole discretion, to negotiate with the Bidders.